Training Module

equation's® Training Module pallows your staff to be trained on line and enables you to see what training they have received, when they received it, test or competency scores, and when remedial training is next scheduled. What a powerful tool!

Our parent corporation, hires, trains, and generates hourly work schedules all on line!

Web based courses can be scheduled, completed and tested all on line.
Hourly, supervisors, management, auditor training can all be completed on line, virtually, with leader/instructor, or at the time and convenience of the employee.
The flexibility of on line enables employees to be trained at a convenient time for them.
Courses can be designed for easy navigation and completion.
Notices can be sent for new or remedial training completion dates.
Date, time and test scores can be automatically recorded and documented.
Know if your employees are trained and capable. Insert tests into your training to ensure comprehension and knowledge of the training topic(s).
Ensure you are in compliance with regulatory requirements regarding training and other certifications for your staff.
Drive continual improvement by tracking changes to training requirements, curriculum, and subject matter.

Allow Prism Consultant's to analyze your current training program. With the tremendous advantages to technology in training, stay ahead of competition and make sure your team is “trained and capable!”


Are web-based, providing easy access world-wide
Communicate with your staff via email regarding action items
Are integrated or can be mix and match solutions
Save you time and money compared with off-line systems
Are highly secure with password, firewall, encryption, and back up protection
Are customizable to suit your needs
Include on-line Help and Customer Support via phone or email


Document Control
Project Management
Corrective Action / Improvement
Data Collection
Internal Audits
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)