equation® ASP Ready Track Module

equation's® ReadyTrack Module is a Web Based, Incident Management System that captures, notified and tracks incidents in a real time environment.

This module enables you to minimize risk, detail documentation of the incident, provide an audit trail of actions, responsiveness and close outs of the activity.

Features of the system include:

Multiple input capabilities.
A Fan, Customer, or Employee texting capability to report issues or problems without confrontation or discomfort.
A Tracking mechanism that records.
Corrective Actions
Photos or video attachments
Auto dispatch to Police, Fire, Medical, Security, Maintenance, or Housekeeping.
Dispatch requests to responsible responders recorded and documented.
Reports, analytics, trends, by type incident, severity, dates, times, etc.

Values of the Module:
Mitigate risk.
Immediate notification for dispatching help and/or assistance./td>
Customized to meet your needs and requirements.
Improved planning preparation for events, and required changes.


Are web-based, providing easy access world-wide
Communicate with your staff via email regarding action items
Are integrated or can be mix and match solutions
Save you time and money compared with off-line systems
Are highly secure with password, firewall, encryption, and back up protection
Are customizable to suit your needs
Include on-line Help and Customer Support via phone or email


Document Control
Project Management
Corrective Action / Improvement
Data Collection
Internal Audits
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)