Internal Audit

equation's® Internal Audit Module helps you schedule, plan, conduct, report, act, and communicate audits and/or inspections for your organization. Utilize this powerful Internal Audit system to:

Schedule all your Internal Audits and assign them to specific Auditor(s) or teams.
Automatically notify your Internal Auditor(s)/team when they have an audit to conduct.
Allow our Auditors to review the audit documents and/or forms and prepare a standard checklist for procedures.
Send Notices via email to each person involved in the Internal Audit.
Enter Audit Results and Corrective actions instantly in the Improvements Module.
Audit Reports will monitor the status of each Internal Audit and analyze results.
Send Audit Reports to management or customers prior to meetings and reviews.
Integrate your Internal Audit System with Document Control and Corrective Action Modules giving additional automation and customization.
Provide “Heatmap” to compare actual performance against target (green), minimal acceptance (yellow) and unacceptable (red).

Regularly scheduled Internal Audits, no more last minute rush or catch up because someone forgot an audit was due. Proper planning and preparation ensure thoroughness, accuracy, and documented results.


Are web-based, providing easy access world-wide
Communicate with your staff via email regarding action items
Are integrated or can be mix and match solutions
Save you time and money compared with off-line systems
Are highly secure with password, firewall, encryption, and back up protection
Are customizable to suit your needs
Include on-line Help and Customer Support via phone or email


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Internal Audits
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