Are your suppliers REALLY an asset? How do you know?

Outmoded methods of supplier measurement can be a liability. Real-time performance measurements allow you to be pro-active in addressing challenges before they become serious impediments to providing a world-class product.

Prism eSolutions offers web-based software with a wide range of customizable applications to enable you to drive performance upward! Using hand-held electronic devices, auditors can instantly upload data that give immediate results and allow you to identify those items that need corrective action. Real-time results enhance your ability to address weaknesses, recognize outstanding results, and enforce provider accountability.

Prism created and implemented an auditing program for a client, that helped move them from last to a leadership position in their industry. Vendors receive instant feedback on audits. Trend analysis monitors vendor performance. Speed of data automatically initiates and tracks corrective actions.

Audit information drove process improvement. The client saw customer complaints diminish to a point of infrequency. They were able to pinpoint potential issues to location and vendor and even particular work crews. As an added bonus, $1M in cost was eliminated in the first year.

Let us perform a gap analysis on your supplier performance measurement system? Creating effective metrics, measurement tools, corrective action programs, and "At-a-Glance" performance summaries are all initiatives that bring significant value to our clients. Whether you use Prism's auditors or your own, the power and functionality of equation® ASP brings exceptional value.