COMPLIANCE should be an ASSET, not a LIABILITY!!

Compliance involves every aspect of your business operation today:

  • • Brand Protection
  • • Customer Satisfaction
  • • Regulatory Requirements
  • • Safety
  • • Supply Chain
  • • Manufacturing and/or Operations

Ask yourself these three questions:

  • • Are reports accurate, up to date, and truly objective?
  • • Are measurements unbiased, truthful, and on time?
  • • How often are your inspectors and/or auditors calibrated to ensure consistency and accuracy?

Not satisfied with your answers? Then talk to Prism eSolutions!!!

Prism's web-based equation® ASP software electronically captures inspections and audits and provides you with real-time data and documentation on where you are!


Corrective action and
follow-up notices
Automatically generated by inspection
failures or items of need.
Customized heat maps, graphs and reports Identify results and trends.
Real-time dashboards Provide comparative information on your
level of compliance and performance.
Highly skilled, calibrated, objective Prism Auditors A fresh set of eyes and skill sets for an
accurate, real-time reading of compliance
and performance results. Prism auditors
and inspectors drive improvements,
document results, mitigate risk and
ultimately bring real value to your