Document Control

equation's® Document Control Module, helps you manage, share, change, and control all your mission critical and day-to-day documents. This module allows you to:

Create documents in any software.
Upload documents and send them to electronic approval.
Receive notices via email to approve and vote electronically on changes/alterations.
Notify staff via email regarding any new or changed documents that affect them.
Search, locate, use, bookmark and link documents with names, descriptions or key words.
Check out documents to edit, alter or change. Check in documents once approved.
Keep a complete history of your documents with electronic archives that include all revisions and records.
Use Document Security to allow your staff to view and/or restrict who can see them.
Keep your documents secure with encryption and back up protection.

Proper control over change and edits to documented processes, procedures, and internal requirements is an ongoing challenge.

The power of this module enables your management team to be real-time current with latest updates to processes, procedures, and internal requirements. Your organization can minimize risk and be assured everyone has the latest updates to support your customers and field organization.


Are web-based, providing easy access world-wide
Communicate with your staff via email regarding action items
Are integrated or can be mix and match solutions
Save you time and money compared with off-line systems
Are highly secure with password, firewall, encryption and back up protection
Are customizable to suit your needs
Include on-line help and customer support via phone or email


Document Control
Project Management
Corrective Action / Improvement
Data Collection
Internal Audits
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)