Customer Relationship Management

equation's® Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module provides a customer and contact database that enables the tracking and documentation of all critical information. Customer and Prospect information can be sorted, analyzed, and kept for instant access and retrieval.

Upload, download, and/or integrate data from your existing CRM database to share information.
Use the CRM to record Customer information, contact names, activities, communications, and action items related to customers, suppliers, and prospects.
It's easy flexibility allows you to create custom fields of information critical to managing customer relationships.
Identify types of activities you want to track and analyze: phone calls, sales calls, proposals, emails, contracts, orders, and meetings.
Use this module to assign action items to your staff with due dates, follow up requirements, and documentation.
With Search and Report capabilities, customer information is readily available.
This CRM system integrates with Customer Satisfaction and Customer Complaint systems.
equation's CRM can track customers, suppliers, business partners, organizations, and contacts.

Organizations change frequently. Often critical customer, business partner, and/or supplier information is lost when organizations change. equationASP CRM module enables you to keep your mission critical customer data saved, documented and readily available. Customer visits by key management personnel should be as regularly scheduled as internal audits! Our CRM Module can track, notify, and schedule your next customer visit


Are web-based, providing easy access world-wide
Communicate with your staff via email regarding action items
Are integrated or can be mix and match solutions
Save you time and money compared with off-line systems
Are highly secure with password, firewall, encryption, and back up protection
Are customizable to suit your needs
Include on-line Help and Customer Support via phone or email


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Project Management
Corrective Action/Improvement
Data Collection
Internal Audits
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)