equation® ASP Software Goes Beyond Certification Management

Prism eSoltuions' equation® ASP software was originally created to support ISO certification. Since its inception, the software has expanded to include not only support for ISO but also support for compliance and business management processes. The value and functionality of equation® ASP continues to grow. In a recent 30-day period this dynamic business tool logged 18,206 users online accessing roughly 147,957 pages of information.

We have helped many of our clients find ways to use equation® ASP beyond the quality certification program:

Some of the finest sports and entertainment venues in the country use equation® ASP Ready Track Incident Management module to track incidents at their sites by severity, progress to resolution and notifications. Ready Track provides graphs, heat maps, and "at-a- glance" results for them. A major university expanded its athletic department's use of equation® ASP beyond games and events to include their Campus Police Department.

One of the major suppliers of specialty long steel in the world at first used equation® ASPto manage their multiple ISO systems. Since then, they have expanded their use to include the management of non-employee physical access control.


Twenty-four Andy Frain Services auditors are stationed at 14 airports around the U.S where they use equation® ASP to perform cabin cleaning and maintenance inspections for one of the world's largest airlines. Use of the application gives the client the ability to view and analyze audit reports and heat maps in real time.

A leading aviation training company uses equation® ASP to store more than 98,000 documents covering training processes and manuals for most types of aircraft. They also use the Document, Improvement, and Audit modules to ensure the quality of their training and processes.


A major provider of refurbished GE CT & MRI scanners, maintenance services and parts uses equation® ASP as a tool for dispatching engineers to install and service medical imaging equipment. They also use the application for sales management and lead tracking for new business.


The world's leading manufacturer of water and foam tanks for the fire service industry began using equation® ASP as a quality management system. They have since broadened their use of the system and currently use the Data Forms module of to track facility injuries and data related to these injuries. Using the application to track injury data has given UPF the ability to monitor real time results based on injuries as they occur at their various plants.


A semi-autonomous Native American-governed in the southwestern United States uses equation® ASP to track land ownership, leases, rights of way, and improvements.


How can this powerful management tool enhance your business?