Corporate Ownership

Prism is a divison of the Andy Frain Services Inc. Founded in 1924, Andy Frain is a professional services organization that provides security, crowd management, cargo screening, and management services throughout the United States. Andy Frain Services is a nationally known entity that handles many of our nation's top professional and collegiate athletic teams as well as USGA Men and Women's golf tournaments, concert venues, and major sporting events. Markets served are Sports and Entertainment, Transportation, Retail, and Commercial Security. The company is privately held and currently employs over 5,000 full and part time employees with revenue in excess of $40 million. We are the only event company with National Safety Act Certification from the US Department of Homeland Security. This Certification speaks to our capabilities as a professional security corporation and limits liability to our customers in case of a terrorist attack or activity.

Combined Value to Andy Frain Services and Prism eSolutions:

The strategic acquisition of Prism has proven value and benefit to customers of both organizations. Prism has brought a technology offering to the Andy Frain customer that provides instant data, documentation, enabling immediate action. Frain has brought resources and a customer set to the Prism organization that has enabled continued change and improvement to our equation® ASP software. In addition, as a service supplier, our Supplier Performance offering is further enhanced by quality standards, consulting capabilities, and development of defined metrics for our customers.