Our Smart Solutions Make Your Ideas Come True:

A used CT and MRI Scanner dealer looked for a Smart software to implement a new dispatch system for engineers. Documentation and tracking of date/time received, dispatched, repaired, and closed gave them the information needed to better serve customers. In fact, this system with their creative thinking was transformed to sales calls and follow up

The world's leading manufacturer of water and foam tanks for the fire service industry began using our platform as a quality management system. Today the system is also used to track on the job injuries, safety, and training.

America's largest Native American Tribe utilizes our functional software program to track land ownership, leases, right of way and improvements to their territory covering over 27,000 square miles. The program has reduced time for lease grants, sales, and administrative time by over 50%.

Every month, over 18,000 users are on line accessing over 150,000 pages of data and information to make their ideas come true!